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Rita Ortiz is dedicated in Real Estate Consulting, Business Consulting, and Real Estate Strategies & Solutions. She's a professional who's passionate about providing remarkable service for her community. Her dedication is unwavering and business practice is of the highest ethical standards. Rita greets her clients with warmth and confidence, assuring them that their interests will be handled professionally and timely. Rita is a member of:

  • LegalShield Business Plan Associate
  • Business Plan Training Program
  • Latino Business Chamber of Greater Los Angeles
  • Who's Who Worldwide
  • NAPW
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Biltmore Who's Who
  • Organization Real Estate Business Consulting Services
  • Local, National, Regional, International

Rita Ortiz brings a multitude of skills to her real estate career from her entrepreneurial business background and degree in Administration Business Management and Marketing. She brings years of advertising sales and marketing experience that benefits her clients. Her ability to negotiate and successfully close, attention to detail, allows her to provide the best possible attention and advice when you entrust her with one of your most important investments.

Rita Ortiz with manages the creative development, business strategies services, marketing programs & planning promotions, national consumer, and sponsorship marketing.

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico: Business Administration In Tourism
  • TOEFL ITP Professional Certificate
  • Secretary of Tourism Services
  • BSP II International Fare
  • BSP I National Fare
  • Certificate Training Course
  • American Express Royal Caribbean
  • American Express Surland Services
  • American Express World Resorts
  • American Express Marketing, United States
  • Continental Airlines in Farmers Branch, Dallas TX
  • Continental Airlines in Laredo, TX & San Antonio, TX Marketing Services
  • Sabre Special Solutions
  • Sabre Marketing Products
  • AMAV I.A.T.A. F.U.A.A.V.
  • AMAV Tourism Business Administration
  • AMAV Techniques of Marketing Agencies Services
  • AMAV Procedure Manual I.A.T.A.
  • AMAV Bases Small Business
  • Secretary of Tourism Administration and Structure of Tourism Agency
  • Secretary of Tourism Techniques and Sales Administration
  • Secretary of Tourism Bases of Agencies of Tourism
  • Secretary of Tourism Receptions
  • Secretary of Tourism Communications
  • Secretary of Tourism Human Relations
  • Datamex Diploma in Computer Science
  • Secretary Education Technological Investigations
  • Recreational Aquatic and Fishing
  • Course Completion Certificate Real Estate Principles SM
  • State of California C.E. Course Completion, Real Estate Certificate
  • Home Ownership Accelerator Certified
  • Leadership Institute I OMSD
  • Leadership Institute II OMSD
  • Certificate of Completion PIRC Inspire Level II Curriculum
  • Certificate of Completion Project Inspire Level One Workshops
  • Certification Training Period of 3 Years
  • Certificate of Appreciation Excellence in Education Award
  • Buena Vista Arts - Integrated Dedicated Service V.I.P.
  • Certificate of Faculty Recognition by the PACE Business Development Center
  • Certification Training Development of Small Business
  • Certificate of Recognition, Business Development Center
  • Beaute Ultrasonic Certification Seminar, Long Beach
  • Beaute Ultrasonic Certification
  • Complimentary Tuition Certificate
  • Peak Potentials Training
  • BETA Interviewing Training
  • BETA Career Center Resumes
  • BETA Manager Job Search
  • BETA Employment Development Department Resume Workshop
  • KCCD Homebuyer Education Certificate
  • Certificate of Completion, Beverly Hills BHAS

Rita Ortiz

Rita Ortiz, Licensed Officer

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